Wednesday 7 June 2017

Barbie, Me and the CM900...

When I was a little girl my favourite toy was Barbie.  The reason I loved her so much was because as time went on she just got bigger.  I don’t mean Ken was forever feeding her chips and ice cream while she did no exercise at all… I mean there was always something new about her, new accessories, new things to do, so I never got bored.

Now I’ve become ever so slightly older (!), my favourite toy has become the ScanNcut CM900.  I was on air recently with the lovely Rachel Pierman demonstrating the CM900 with the Tattered Lace Scene Building USB and Project Books 2 & 3. 

After the show had ended, the thought struck me that the reason I love the CM900 so much is the same reason why I loved my Barbie… because with the CM900, well, with all the ScanNcut machines, there’s always something new.  It scans, it cuts (the clue’s in the name, I know!), it draws, it colours, it embosses, and the latest feature is the foiling. The updates just arrive without me having to do a thing and off I go, presented with a whole range of different things to play with.

The CM900 is the top of the range ScanNcut.  It’s all-singing and all-dancing.  It has a larger screen and a wi-fi connection.  Combined with something like the Scene Building USB, things really do start to get interesting.  This USB gives me 175 cutting files, and they are all from previous collections – from the viewers’ favourite collections.  This is a great way of getting all those favourites together onto one USB and allows us to really go to town and play with those scenes.

Rachel made a great point on the show, and that is, if you take those 175 cutting files and resize them, say, 30 times, you’re suddenly talking about each cutting file being the equivalent of 30 dies… and 175 multiplied by 30 means that on that USB stick you have the equivalent of 5,250 dies! (she types, hurriedly using the calculator on her phone)…!

Rachel also reminded me that she was on air with me when I did my first ever demo of the ScanNcut.  I can’t recall a single thing about that show, it seems such a long time ago now, but Rachel remembered that I was very nervous… and she said that’s what a lot of viewers are like when they first buy their own ScanNcut!  Apparently some people are so nervous about it that they never take the machine out of its box!

If you are one of those people, be like me… yes I was very nervous about the machine at first but now I’m totally confident about using it. (I know I shouldn’t tempt Fate by typing things like that because now it means I’m almost certain to mess things up live on air the next time I use it in front of the cameras!) But seriously, I am now confident about using it, and that change was brought about by just using the ScanNcut many many times.  So please, get it out of the box and play with it…get familiar with it. 

If you go wrong, so what? It’s only a piece of card that’s at stake – so just start again.

It’s a brilliant, totally intuitive machine so give it a chance and I promise you will absolutely love it! Even more than Barbie!

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