Saturday 13 February 2016

Tickled pink about different colours


Hi there, 
I had an idea for a card design the other day - nothing unusual about that of course - but this time I was curious to see what difference it would make to produce an identical second card with a different colour scheme. And here they both are.     

Firstly I chose my colour schemes and then cut out my three layers to be used for the matting. These are 20x20cm cards so the layers are 19.5x19.5cm, 19x19cm and the patterned papers are 18.5x18.5cm but you can adapt the dimensions to whatever works for you.
Next I set about creating the apertures. I selected 4 circle dies to use. These are 4 sequential dies in the set that I have. Using the smallest of the four I created the mask to create the image. Out of an off cut of white card I cut out the smallest circle, keeping the part with the circle cut out. I put this to one side.

The next step was to cut the aperture out of the patterned paper. Centering the die in the middle of the paper I cut out the 2nd sized circle. Then, because I like to be frugal (except when buying shoes and handbags!) I cut out the two frames to go on top from the pieces to be used for the matt and layering. Once its all put together you can't see where the card has been taken from and it also slightly reduces the weight of the finished card. I cut the biggest frame using circle die 2 & 4 and the smaller frame using circle die 2 & 3.

Now for the fun part. To make the image I cut a piece of white card into a square slightly smaller than the patterned paper and then fixed the mask on top in the centre - I use re-positional tape to hold it in place. With chalk on a piece of cotton wool I created the backgrounds - its just a case of playing around until you get the effect you like, and blending well. Apply the chalk right up to the mask for a neat edge. I then removed the mask and stamped and embossed the image in the centre. For this image I added a small amount of glitter on the branches. I think the glitter just lifts it a little. And I must say I really like the way the image runs over the edge of the background. By using a bigger circle die, a lovely white frame is left when assembled. 

The card is made up by matt and layering in the normal way. Just make sure you centre up the image before you stick it down. I put it behind the patterned paper - it's easier.
Finally don't forget to add the ribbon before the card is fully assembled. Then you can tuck it in between the layers and it can sit underneath the circle frame at the front.
This little experiment taught me that sometimes, changing something as basic as the colours used can give a whole different 'feel' to a card, and it's something I'll bear in mind when coming up with future designs.

I'd be really interested to hear what you think of these cards, and if you've had a go, why not let me know how they turned out?     

Corrine x

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