Sunday 6 March 2016

Mother's day madness

Hi there

I'm really sorry I didn't post last week, that pesky virus I had a couple of weeks ago decided to make a repeat visit and knocked me sideways! Certainly think that it's gone now - I've dosed myself up on vitamin C and multi vitamins - I don't know whether they work but I feel a lot better now.  I even did an exercise class this morning, so I must be on the mend!

There are certain occasions throughout the year when you know that as a card maker you are going to be extremely busy. Christmas is the obvious one and by far the most demanding. Some very efficient people will have already started their Christmas 2016 cards, and I take my hat off to them, I really do. I wish I was so organised! Like most of us I start the year with good intentions which sadly seem to be forgotten by mid January...

Some people, though not everyone by any means, send cards at Easter. And no sooner have we got over the Valentines Day rush that we find we are racing towards Mother's Day. My post on 21st January showed how I'd got ahead of the game for once with a card for my own Mum - but I didn't plan for the last minute rush from friends asking me if I had any Mother's Day cards for them to send. So  the last couple of weeks have been quite frenetic but I did it, and everyone who asked me to make them a card (or two) received their cards in good time.

As today is Mother's Day and I won't now be spoiling any surprises I thought I would show you a sample of the cards I made for orders.

I can truthfully say that I don't make cards in any one particular style. I always look at cards other people have made and take inspiration from one element on one card and a different element from another one and before I know it I've made my own card. I'm sure other card makers do the same.

This first one was made using the coordinating stamp and die from Heartfelt Creations. It's the Sun Kissed Corner stamp. It is so very delicate. I've changed the sentiment and colour combinations and made cards for other occasions equally well.

All of these cards are 8x8 inches as this is the size I prefer.    

This brown one is made using a topper from Lili of the Valley and the border was made using a Martha Stuart Stamp Around the Page punch.

The card on the right was for the daughter of a work colleague to send to her Nan. It is more Shabby Chic in style. The Love embellishment is a Laser cut wood shape. It fits in so well with this theme. The butterfly in the bottom left corner was cut from a piece of lace.
The final card was inspired by some cards I saw on one of the Facebook sites I am a member of. I changed many elements of the card I saw and came up with this version. All of the flowers were hand punched and then laid on the card blank to make the heart shape. It takes significantly more flowers to make the card than you might think!

I really hope you like these cards. And I promise to post more regularly in future. I've already started preparing my next blog because - and here comes a teaser - I'm hoping to have some exciting news to share with you about my next venture with my card making!

Bye for now and thanks for popping by - if you didn't read this blog there'd be no point in me writing these words! It would be great to be able to read your thoughts about any of the cards you see, so please think about leaving your comments below.

Corrine x

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