Wednesday 28 December 2016

I've Gazed Into My Crystal Ball...

I’ve spent a lot of time recently reading craft magazines and looking at web sites to try to predict what we crafters will be clamouring for in 2017.  I may be horribly wrong – please feel free to tell me so twelve months from now – but I’ve gazed into my crystal ball and here are my predictions…

Anything and just about everything that is pastels, brights, metallic and glitter will feature heavily; especially pastel colours inspired by Nature.

I think it’s going to be an exciting time.  Paper craft kits will be very popular, especially those that are well designed and for specific occasions such as Christmas and Easter.

Paper stacks, card and seasonal décor (by that I mean boxes, garlands and home décor) will really come into their own.

Top of our wanted lists will be paper in various weights to cover all uses, for matts and layering, to manipulate in order to make shaped flowers, die cutting, punching, folding and 3D model making… 3D card craft is going to be HUGE in 2017.

Texture and colour will be important, and of course you can enhance these and bring your own individuality to them by embossing, and adding inks.

Crepe paper in a more modern form is rumoured to be making an appearance in 2017, and I’ll be fascinated to see what form that might be and whether the rumour turns into fact…

Why not let me know, either in the comments section below or on my Facebook page, what you are looking forward to, crafting-wise, in 2017… and even what you’ll be glad to see the back of as 2016 comes to a close!       


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