Sunday 11 December 2016


I seem to recall once half-watching an old episode of Star Trek when the USS Enterprise had got itself into a right old pickle; something had gone horribly wrong somehow and the crew found itself in a strange land where Time followed no logical path - hours passed like minutes, minutes passed like seconds. 

I'm pretty certain my craft room is like that.

All too often I pop in there when I have a half hour to spare and I foolishly tell myself I will actually achieve something in those thirty minutes.  So I have to be quick, decisive and ruthlessly efficient.

That's when things start to go wrong.

I'll cast around for inspiration and end up staring out of the window watching a rain-drenched pigeon hopping about on the shed roof. Then when I do get an idea I'll spend ages hunting for the particular die I have in mind, which invariably is Nowhere To Be Seen. Or the computer starts to play up, or the printer jams...or the paper I want to use is sitting in another part of the house...

When finally those problems have been resolved and I've resisted the temptation to kick the computer and throw the printer into the fish pond, at last I can get started on making a card, the really enjoyable part of the whole process...

By and by, I think to myself that my half hour must be almost up so I'll find a suitable place to stop.

It's then when I take a look at my watch and realise three hours have gone by like greased lightning!

Looking around at the chaos I've left behind in my wake, the room looks like someone has lobbed in a hand grenade - either that, or it's been attacked by Klingons!  

There's only one thing to do in that situation - turn my back on the mess, beam down to the kitchen and put the kettle on! 

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