Sunday 18 December 2016

Peek Of The Week Number One

A very warm welcome to my first ever ‘Peek Of The Week’.  We’re all very used to ‘Pick Of The Week’ but this is something totally different.  Every Sunday (fingers crossed) I’m going to post a blog entry showing a card that I’ve made, and give brief details of how I made it.  Next comes the exciting part – I want you to post on my Facebook page a photo of a card you made, and tell me something about it. I'll then post it on my blog. 

It’s a new idea and I’m hoping it will really take off… but whether it does or not is entirely up to you dear readers – so come on, get involved, let’s have some fun with it – the more the merrier! Don’t be shy now!

To kick off this series I’d like to introduce you to Bella, Tattered Lace’s most popular ever die.  Here she is… with a twist.

This is Delicate Detail Bella.  The Delicate Detail dies cut into the card stock to create an appealing, elegant effect.

For this simple card all I’ve done is cut the image into the card stock and matt and layer it over a pretty floral paper to create her beautiful dress.  

One floral bouquet later and the card is complete.

The die’s full name is Delicate Detail Romance Bella and you can buy it from or as part of the Romance Multi Buy from

Now it’s over to you; I’m very excited at the prospect of seeing some of your cards.  So please use my Facebook page and let me have a peek!  Looking forward to hearing from you!   


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