Sunday 6 November 2016

Hobbycraft Show, NEC Birmingham, Part 1 of 2

Hello again!

Before I go any further I’d like to say sorry for neglecting my blog – I can’t believe my last entry was over six months ago.  How time flies!  I’ve made a promise to myself to update this blog very regularly from now on and I hope you enjoy it…

For the last four days I’ve been at the Hobbycrafts Show at Birmingham NEC, leading workshops and generally meeting and chatting to all the lovely people who came to shop and have fun.  This is the first time I’ve done anything like this, and on my way to the show I felt both nervous and excited, all at the same time.  I needn’t have been nervous though, as everyone made me feel very welcome and everyone I met was lovely.
Day One - the fun begins!

It felt strange being fitted with a microphone.  Mike, a Create & Craft colleague who was in charge of the workshop area, suggested that I’m so loud that I don’t need a microphone!  Thanks Mike… I think! 

The workshops were great fun.  They are free to everyone, the only stipulation was that people had to book a place in advance to enable us to manage the numbers.  There were fifteen people on each workshop and during the four days I led seven workshops.  They were very popular events - tickets were all gone within ten minutes of them becoming available each day!
The two lovely cards we made in the first two days of the event
The thing that made the workshops so enjoyable for me was the attitude of the people who took part.  We all had a laugh, everyone joined in, and people still had fun even on the odd occasion when the things didn’t quite turn out quite as we had hoped – which is something that happens to even the most skilful crafters out there.    

Although the four days were very hard work and exhausting, I really enjoyed myself.  I love meeting members of the Create & Craft family and I can’t wait for next weekend and Crafting Live in Peterborough! (Spoiler alert - I'm doing 'Make and Takes' for the two days using Midas touch foils. So please come and have a go)   

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