Wednesday 18 January 2017

A Night Shift...

This time round I thought I’d mention an overnight shoot I was lucky enough to be able to do, with Nancy Watt, editor of Tattered Lace magazine.  The reason for the shoot was to make instructional videos for Issue 38 of Tattered Lace magazine, which has just been released.   

Together we recorded thirty one videos of various projects.  The videos varied in length, from under four minutes to one of Nancy’s that ran to approximately eight minutes.

Nancy Watt, Tattered Lace magazine Editor
Overnight shooting is necessary because that’s the only time when the studio is free.  We began filming at ten o’clock at night, and finished round about quarter to three in the morning.

Luke was the cameraman and the producer was Emily.  Nancy Luke and Emily are fantastic to work with, and I should give a special mention to Luke who was a star, constantly fetching Nancy and I glasses of water so we could work right through the session.

Doing this work gives a strange combination of feelings… on the one hand it’s intense because there are no breaks and it can be difficult to keep up that level of concentration all the time; but on the other hand it is also great fun, because I am doing things I really enjoy.

The most difficult aspect of the work is that it’s done overnight.  I am not a night owl by any stretch of the imagination and my body clock tells me I should be in bed at ten o’clock… which was exactly when the shoot began!

The journey home was strange.  As you might expect, the roads were very quiet… at first.  But suddenly flashing blue lights appeared from all directions and everything ground to a halt.  The only traffic on the road seemed to be a convoy of lorries and me in my little car. I found myself stuck in a traffic jam… at three o’clock in the morning!?!

When I finally did get home I slept like a log… safe in the knowledge of a job well done (hopefully!)   


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