Sunday 1 January 2017

Peek Of The Week Number Three

Wow! My last blog entry was on New Year's Eve!  I've just been so busy, 2017 has started at a blistering pace.  I must try harder to write more blog entries...

Here we are then, the third edition of ‘Peek Of The Week’.  I must say I’m really enjoying this part of my blog because I love to see the things you’ve created – I wish I’d come up with the idea a long time ago!

Today I’d like to show you ‘Cocktail Glasses’ – cheers!

A lot of the cards we’ve made using these dies have an Art Deco theme to them.  I really like Art Deco – a pub just a couple of miles from my house is a genuine Art Deco building and it’s really quite something – but I set out to try to make something away from that theme with these dies, and here is what I came up with.

I created the simple matts and layers from red and pink card before cutting out the three cocktail glasses from a single square of card, cutting at a jaunty angle for a tiny bit of added interest.

I stuck the white square onto the card using foam tape to give added height.

Part of the attraction of any cocktail is the bright vivid colour of the drink, so the cocktail glass die cuts were then coloured using those same bold cocktail-themed hues. They were then added back to the card through the apertures created by the die cuts.

Having said I wanted to move away from the theme, I have to say the sentiment is from the Art Deco range (told you I really like Art Deco!)

The addition of a simple but pretty floral arrangement was all that was needed to finish it off.

So now it’s over to you; please click on my Facebook page and post a picture of whatever it is that you’ve been making, and say a few words about it. I’m really looking forward to seeing your pictures!  And by the way, I'm also looking forward to writing lots more blog entries in 2017!     

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