Friday 27 January 2017


It’s not every day I get asked to be involved in something as grand as a World Launch – so of course I said ‘Yes Please!’ and what great fun it was.

Lots of shows were broadcast from Phoenix, Arizona, and shows broadcast from the UK could of course be seen by a whole host of brand new viewers in the States.  
The lovely Rachel Pierman

So with that in mind my partner in crime, the lovely Rachel Pierman, asked me to say a word or two on the show about Tattered Lace for the benefit of our new US viewers.

Obviously I’m biased but I genuinely believe Tattered Lace is a brilliant company. It was all started, as most of us know, by the super-talented Stephanie Weightman who designs everything! About four years ago Stephanie realised she couldn’t buy the detailed intricate dies she wanted to use in her crafting… they simply weren’t out there – so Stephanie set out to put that right, and here we all are!

Stephanie keeps coming up with new concepts and a great one I had the pleasure of demonstrating is the Flectere range. I must admit ‘flectere’ is not a word I’d ever come across before but someone put me right and explained it’s a Latin word meaning to bend or to shape – which will give you a clue as to what the new concept is all about… with these anyone can make delightful curved dimensional projects with ease.

The Flectere Foundation range consists of 3 different styles which are Heart, Oval and Bracket shapes. The detail and delicacy of the cut out pieces produced is very impressive indeed.  The dies come with three layers of interchangeable tabs so they can be played around and experimented with until you are satisfied.  The possibilities really are endless.
And there’s plenty more.  The Fancy Foundation Collection is brilliant.  Each Foundation die comes with a sentiment, ribbon plaque and a range of small dies to complement their decorative frames. This collection allows you to produce superb backdrops with ease.
The Flectere Story Collection has a host of dies to create great scenes that will fill up the foreground of your project – as well as the background if you wish!  A clever 3D cutting system die and a ‘Click Print Go!’ CD-ROM really whets the appetite.  The CD-ROM has on it lots and lots of beautiful background and Charisma story designs that can be placed onto your Butterfly, Faerydae and Majestic Bouquet die cuts to really bring them to life. The Flectere range really does cry out for multi-layering…
The boxes that can be made with the Flectere range will take your breath away! The great thing is with these boxes is that because they are so intricate you might be fooled, as I was, into thinking they are delicate and fragile - but I was really surprised at how sturdy they are.

The Flectere system obviously captured the imagination of the viewers because in almost no time at all 25% of the total stock held had gone!
So there you have it, a whole new concept for our card making and lots more things to try out!

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