Wednesday 25 January 2017

I Love My ScanNCut!

I've been demonstrating the Brother ScanNCut CM300 recently, something I always enjoy doing. It's a fantastic machine and a brilliant concept.  There's a dedicated army of ScanNCut converts out there, growing by the day!

It's not hard to see why.  I've never heard anyone say they have managed to exhaust the potential of this machine and that's because I believe the potential is really only limited by one's own imagination. This guarantees the user will be able to continue to create new things using the machine for years to come.  No wonder so many people are so passionate about it! 

The capabilities of the ScanNCut continue to increase, thanks to the free updates provided by Brother. 

Not only can we scan, cut, draw and emboss using the machine, but from about the end of next month there will be another free update available which will allow us to work with foil. Something to keep an eye out for!

One thing that appeals to my frugal side is that it is possible to use small scraps of card, meaning that waste is reduced to the absolute bare minimum. It saves time too - it's possible to load up the machine with various small pieces of card, place multiple elements on the mat and cut them out, all at the same time. 

Another great thing about the ScanNCut is that it won't allow me to make foolish mistakes. 

For instance, if I load up the machine to cut but then my concentration drifts and I mistakenly ask the machine to draw, it simply won't - instead it displays a message telling me to attach the appropriate holder.  

Although it comes with 600 pre-loaded images there are some really exciting developments that come as accessories in the form of USBs. For instance, the 'Best of 2016' Tattered Lace USB gives me 203 elements, and the 'Glitz and Glam' USB gives 127 elements.  (Think of an element as a die, but a die that you can reshape up to 200 different ways). So, getting out my calculator, those two USBs give me 330 elements.  330 elements that can be resized up to 200 different ways gives me up to 66,000 options - mind blowing stuff!

In fact I may never come out of my craft room again! 

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