Sunday 23 April 2017

Peek Of The Week - Olly Owl

I made this whimsical card live on air a couple of weeks ago, but sadly I didn’t have enough time on the show to finish the card off completely; so I thought I’d show the end result for this Peek Of The Week.

The Tattered Lace Olly Owl is a lovely die set.  It not only features Olly himself, but some detailed and delicate floral and foliage dies – and of course, every self respecting Owl needs a sturdy branch on which to perch!

I cut Olly out of Funky Foam which I attached to a stamping block using my tape pen.  So in no time at all I had a handy stamp that perfectly matched the die.

After making a yellow card base and adding a black mat layer I cut my white card stock slightly smaller to fit, and that gave me a very fine black border showing.  I then stamped Olly on the white card in yellow ink six times, making sure each stamped image ran off the edge of the card stock, as I think this adds a little interest. 

Olly was then die cut in four colours – cream, pale green, black and yellow.  I snipped into these to create a single image by paper piecing the different elements.  By the way, if you decide to do this, don’t throw away the leftovers as you’ll be able to use these to create more owls in the various colour combinations.

I like the flowers – I think they’re really pretty – so I cut these out in yellow and greens to create the finished floral elements. 

At this stage it was just a case of putting the card together using a frame on which to sit Olly, to provide a focal point. 

The ribbon I used is a very dark grey; I thought this would be more interesting than plain black.  I picked up the ribbon in my nearest massive Swedish shop (think flatpack furniture and meatballs!) last Christmas.  At the time I didn’t know what I could use it for but I just had a feeling that one day it would come in useful… we crafters often pick up our supplies in the most unexpected places and sometimes use quite odd things… I don’t think I’ll be sticking a meatball onto a card any time soon though!     

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