Wednesday 19 July 2017

Let It Snow!

Hello! I make no excuses for yet again talking about Christmas makes in July.  The clock is ticking and there are so many cards to make!  During a recent show Grace from Manchester emailed us to say she’s already made nineteen Christmas cards.  She’s got the message – well done Grace!  Come to think of it, that was the same show in which Andy Love likened crafting to various sporting events and said that Christmas is the card maker’s World Cup… and how right he is!

This card is one I made during the recent Christmas Fantasy shows.  These dies are a completely different style to the ones I normally reach out for, and as such they took me out of my comfort zone.  That’s no bad thing of course, and I enjoyed the challenge.  Judging by the feedback we’ve received it seems clear that many of you love these dies. In the set you get the Queen of Snowflakes, Snow Castle, Regal Swan and Snowglobe Card Shape, and I had great fun mingling the dies in different combinations. If you’re into Fantasy, Game of Thrones, Narnia, The Lord Of The Rings or whatever, I’m sure these dies will appeal to you.

This card, which I’ve called ‘Let It Snow’ for obvious reasons, uses the Snowglobe set together with the Queen of Snowflakes. I coloured the Queen of Snowflakes myself but you can download the Charisma images by clicking here which means with one pass of the die through your cutting machine you have one fully coloured die cut.

While the Snowglobe makes a fantastic stand-alone card, on this particular make I’ve attached it to a large (8 inch) card base.  The snowflakes were cut from 250gsm card covered in Sticky Roll and after being cut I dipped the sticky die cuts in glitter.  As you’ll see from the photo I managed to tear my snowflake… and the moral of that story is, once you’ve made your Christmas card, look after it much more carefully than I have!

TOP TIP: These dies were brought to you as part of the Pick Of The Week offer so if you like them be quick as the price will go up on Friday!    

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