Wednesday 10 May 2017

Flash! Sale!

It was the Tattered Lace Flash Sale last Tuesday and I was in the studio with Ben Moseby - it was great fun. 

Just for a laugh, someone decided the studio lights would flash every time Ben said the word 'Flash', which you'd expect him to do at a Flash Sale.  Of course Ben needed no further encouragement and managed to say 'Flash' about thirteen times in the first minute!  I expected a few bulbs to fuse any second!

Ben then got everyone in the studio to shout 'Sale!' every time he said 'Flash!' but that was a comedy disaster - there was no synchronisation so no one said 'Sale!' at the same time.  So that idea didn't really take off because it sounded something like this:  "Flash!"   "Sale!" "Sale!" "Sale!" "Sale!" (short pause) "Sale!" (much longer pause) "Sale!"

What's that old showbiz saying about how you can never rehearse enough???  It was difficult to keep a straight face at this point, but the show must go on...

We began demonstrating the lovely Flectere system of dies. Flectere is all about the curves and dimension; I've written about Flectere before on this blog, more than once, but I feel they are so radically different and cards made in this way are almost invariably really eye-catching.

I showed Ben a card with a lovely picture of a mushroom on the front.  Ben said he would love to receive a card like that one because he is a Fun Guy (fungi).

Older jokes than that one probably DO exist but you'd have to ask your great-grandparents!       

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