Sunday, 7 May 2017

Peek Of The Week - Pretty In Pink...!

This time around I’d like to show you a card I made for a recent TV show.  The object of the exercise was to demonstrate how to make a comparatively simple project, and at the same time make the point that, sometimes, a card that is uncomplicated, unfussy and straightforward can be much more effective than one that comes with all the whistles and bells that we can fit on to it!

I began with a piece of backing paper I liked and this dictated the rest of the colour theme. I created two matts and layers with a pretty pink pearlised card stock and backing paper.

Next, using the same pink card stock, I used two Tattered Lace essential square dies to create a thick frame.  On to this I layered the Totally Entwined square die cut which was then mounted on to the card blank with foam pads, which gave a little added dimension.

After creating the centre embellishment using the Charisma Frames One die set I then die cut the butterfly and sentiment out of white card stock which I’d first covered with Sticky Roll, which meant that once the die cuts were complete I could peel off the top layer and cover them in glitter.

When the butterfly and sentiment were stuck on to the card I finished it off with a few white pearl embellishments.

This card is quick and easy to make but I feel it’s as effective as some cards that are way more complicated and fussy… food for thought perhaps, next time you need to make a card in a hurry?


  1. Simply beautiful! I need to try sticky roll it certainly made the butterfly beautiful! Have a Lovely Day x

    1. Thank you! You have a great day too... :)

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