Friday 19 May 2017

Photo Friday - If You Go Into The Woods Today...

Welcome to another edition of ‘Photo Friday’.  Today I’d like to show you… a giant Hare!

Regular readers might recall that last month I visited Chatsworth with my hubby and son as a birthday treat.

Chatsworth is lovely and I’d encourage anyone to take a trip out there if they get the time and the opportunity. 

We first went there more years ago than I care to remember. My eldest daughter was still very young and the two youngest were in a pushchair. I remember walking through the grounds of the stately home for what seemed like hours.  It was a sunny day and we were all getting a little overheated when we crested the brow of a small hill and there in front of us was a fantastic, enormous sculpture of a giant Hare.  Hubby was just as taken with it as I was. 

This Hare wasn’t the usual timid animal that would turn and run at the slightest noise… this metal creature reared up on his hind legs as bold as you please, banging his drum for all to hear.  He just looked fantastic.

So I was overjoyed when we went back there last month and found him again! He didn’t look a day older!

Looking at the statue that second time, and looking at this photograph now, makes me feel a little wistful.  I think of all that has happened since we first saw the giant Hare; some loved ones have passed away, some good friends have moved on, never to be seen again.  But it’s not been all sadness as yet more loved ones have come into this world, and some new good friendships have been forged. We’ve seen the children grow up and fly the nest and we, like all of us, have made countless memories as we’ve experienced both good, bad and indifferent.  Yet through it all, as constant as ever, the giant Hare is still there, banging his drum with all his might.

And for some reason I like that idea very much!  

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