Wednesday 8 February 2017

Valentine's Day - Love Is In The Air!

As Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once more, I thought I’d talk about a couple of shows I did recently using the ‘Love Is In The Air’ range.  It’s a great range of products, very versatile, very detailed… really lovely.

We showcased the Butterfly, Lattice, Flowers and Berries panels in this range.  There are elements of these incorporated into the Love Is In The Air Huggables – a small design decision but an important one because it ensures the panels and the Huggables complement each other beautifully. 

The ‘Click Print Go!’ Love Is In The Air CD-ROM also got a mention.  There are some really detailed graphics on there that look very professional. 

And last but by no means least is the Love Is In The Air stamps.  The size of these is absolutely perfect to work with the Love Is In The Air dies.

Why is a Huggable called a Huggable?  Well, you can make a card in the traditional way of course, but with these dies you can make a card with a gatefold sleeve; a lovely card we had on the show had humming birds on one side of the gatefold and flowers on the other, so that when the card is closed the humming bird ‘hugs’ the flowers.  In another equally lovely card the butterfly moves across to ‘hug’ the flower.

I enjoyed making a card in the studio which I think worked really well mainly because the colour scheme was very simple indeed. I put the panel slightly off centre in order to create a shadow.  I cut the panel out of the dark blue, and then out of a strip of the paler blue.  Then I picked up certain elements and used a combination of the two shades of blue with a little silver to make what I think is a really pretty card, and this was my Giveaway card on the show.

Subscribers to the Tattered Lace magazine will find three projects in there using this range of dies in issue 39, which is due to be delivered around about the 16th of this month. 

If you do have a go at one or all of these projects I’d be interested to see the results… why not pop a pic of them onto my Facebook page?   


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