Sunday 26 February 2017

Peek Of The Week – Blossom Corner by Whitework

Last week I was asked to do my first ever whitework shows, and for this ‘Peek Of The Week’ I’d like to share two cards in one - a card I made as a demo for one of those shows, and a card I made at home later which is almost identical but uses slightly different colours. 
For those who haven’t come across this before, whitework is basically an easy way to do parchment. 

Parchment has been around for more years than anyone can remember, and while the results can be fantastic, it must be said that it is very labour intensive, and it can take years for a person to develop the skills needed to produce a professional looking piece of parchment work. However with these dies the effect of hand parchment is created quickly and efficiently with either one or two passes of the die through the die cutting machine.

Once you’ve done that, you can then take your time to use your snips or ball tool to add the extra detail that will make your piece truly unique.
I know there are crafters out there who have had to give up doing parchment, because they either no longer could find the time it requires, or perhaps because they’ve found advancing years have meant they’ve lost some dexterity in their fingers.  For those crafters, and for every one of us really, these dies are an absolute god send.

This card was created using the Blossom Corner die, which I cut four times out of parchment before colouring with my distress inks.  I cut the flowers off from two of the corners before shaping them and adding them on to the remaining two corners to give depth and detail.  The sentiment was made using the Sahara labels.  A few trademark pearls later the card was complete.  Hope you like it!    


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